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Brown Bag Seminar

Date:                           April 28, 2010
Time:                          11:30 PM
Location:                    ITE 325
Speaker:                     Ian Stewart
Title:                          A Memory Centric Kernel Framework for Accelerating Short-Range,
                                       Interactive Particle Simulation
To maximize the performance of emerging multi- and many-core  
accelerators such as the IBM Cell B.E. and the NVIDIA GPU, a Memory  
Centric Kernel Framework (MCKF) was developed.  MCKF allows a user to  
decompose the physical space of an application based on the available  
fast memory in the accelerators.  In this way, reducing the  
communication cost in accessing data can maximize the extraordinary  
computing power of the accelerators.  MCKF is both generic and  
flexible because it encapsulates hardware-specific characteristics.   
It has been implemented and tested for short-range interactive  
particle simulation on IBM Cell B.E. blades.
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